Mr. Talal Al-Jeri – raising the level of education in Kuwait

IIK Staff Reporter
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Mr.Talal Al-Jeri is the name resonate around the education sector in Kuwait. Little we know that the visionary who owns more than 20 schools in Kuwait, owns two Indian schools too exclusively for the Indian curriculum.

"The value added style of Indian educational system is very good and that is why we foray into Indian curriculum in 2013 by acquiring the Indian Central School located in highly Indian populated locality of Abbasiya," said the Chairman and CEO of Al-Jeri Holding Group, Mr. Talal Khalifa Al-Jeri.

Al Jeri Holding Group is one of the premier education corporations in Kuwait. Since establishing its first school, the group has grown to be recognized as one of the largest networks of schools in the country today with a total 20 independently branded schools
Al-Jeri group gives due care to education in a way that matches the state’s policies. The group owns six educational companies that include many schools serving various categories and nationalities throughout Kuwait. Indian Central School, Abbasiya and New Indian Central School, Mangaf are the two Indian schools owned by this group.

"Indian community is one of the most well behaved community in Kuwait and they give a lot of importance to education. This is why we can see large number of Educated Indians across the globe", said Mr Talal Al Jeri. "This made us keen on investing in such a community in this country and I am sure that we will strengthen this relationship further" he added.

"We are also very much keen on having Indian university in Kuwait. We know very much the need for an Indian University here as large number of Indian families are living here. However, as you know the Private University Authority is taking care of all the universities in Kuwait. I am trying to approach them to bring any accredited Indian University to Kuwait. " said Mr Talal Al Jeri.

With a motto of "Preparing today's children for tomorrow's workplace" Mr Talal Al Jeri was featured on the Forbes cover page recently for his visionary contribution towards the education sector in Kuwait. Al Jeri Holding Group has been working to raise the level of education in Kuwait at all levels, believing in the importance of education in building societies and elevating them to the highest levels. Al Jeri group started their entry into education sector by establishing Arabic schools in Kuwait. Later they expanded to all nationalities with various curriculum. "The main idea is to make development in the concept of education. We have to take experience from various educational system to get the right concept of educational system," Mr Talal said. The group today owns many schools including bilingual, Canadian, Philippines and Pakistan other than Indian schools. With the groups acquisition of various schools in Kuwait during the past three years, the Al Jeri group today is the biggest group in educational sector.

"The Indian education system is always a step forward and this is why we can see Indians in senior positions around the world," Mr Talal said. "Instead of starting a third school, my priority will be to improve the existing one," he said. "It is Smt Shanta Maria James, the principal of Indian Central school, who actually built the school. We only bought it in 2013," Mr Talal said.

"Mr Talal took over our school in 2013. Within a very short span of time, he has changed the total outlook of our school," Principal Smt Shanta Maria said. "We are all very much happy by the vision he had on the development of the school. Within four months, we had comfortable classrooms and comfortable furniture for all our classes, Smt Shanta Maria said. "After he took over our school, the first step he did was to implement Ministry level salary for all staffs. As a principal, I am very happy and would like to thank Mr Talal for his great vision about the educational sector in Kuwait", Principal Shanta Maria said.

Indians are closely associated with their community. There are so many good elements within the Indian community. They are peaceful and this makes them unique, Mr Talal said. "Always think beyond your expectations. Think how to build your community, I wish all the very best to the Indian community living in Kuwait," Said Mr Talal.

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