The Most Joyful Day of Kuwait

Sona Subin , IIK Young Reporter
Monday, February 18, 2019

It’s February, the month when Kuwait celebrates its National and Liberation Day. National Day and Liberation Day of Kuwait are celebrated on 25th and 26th of February. These days are public holidays in Kuwait. The National Day marks the day when Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah ascended to the throne of Kuwait. The Liberation Day marks the day when Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation in 1991.

Kuwait celebrates these national festivals with great joy and excitement every year. The streets of Kuwait will be very busy. The street will be Buzzling with many children in flag colour costumes. The roads decorated with bright and colourful lights and children playing with water balloons and water guns are really a good sight to see. On this day Kuwait remembers the sacrifice of the people who worked for the independence of the country. We the citizens of India also join with the Kuwaitis to celebrate their freedom.

It is also a great time to look our relations with the country Kuwait. India and Kuwait share friendly ties since ancient times. India is one of the largest trading countries of Kuwait and until1961 India rupee was the legal tender in Kuwait. India exports many items like textiles, spices, electronic items etc. to Kuwait.

Kuwait provides jobs and employment to many Indians. Large number of Indians works in Kuwait. They consider Indians as brilliant, hardworking community which work for the overall development of Kuwait. Good facilities are provided to all the expatriates in Kuwait. Kuwait ensures safe and comfortable life for all the people living in Kuwait. Kuwait and India depends on each other for their development and progress.

On this proud moment, we wish all the citizens of Kuwait a very memorable National and Liberation Day.


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