Robotic Football, Robotic Sumo Wrestling, Robotic Races major attraction at Shaastrotsav - Festival of Science

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The much awaited first of its kind Robotic Football contest, where two teams consisting of robots will play the football match, Robotic Sumo Wrestling Contest where the robots will play a sumo wrestling and track following Robotic Race in a specially designed track are the major attractions for this years' Shaastrotsav - the Festival of Science.

Shaastrotsav, organised by Kuwait chapter of NSS College of Engineering (Palakkad) - Kerala in association with popular community portal, will be held at Al Zumerida Hall, Bida'a Opp. Salwa, on December 14th from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

The much awaited Shaastrotsav exhibited various innovative technologies and offered path-breaking contests for the benefit of students and society. This is the first time in Kuwait a Robotic Sumo Wrestling and Track Following Robotic Race is being conducted. Robotics enthusiasts from all walks of life can participate in these tournaments.

In addition to these Robotic events, Shaastrotsav will have several other contests and demonstrations related to science and technology. As in the previous years, the organizers will present some latest technological developments in this year. It is worth remembering that Shaastrotsav was the first to present some latest technologies like Robotic Shows, 3D Printer, Robotic Surgical Equipment etc in front of general public, when such technologies were largely unheard of.

Shaastrotsav will have Rubik’s cube solving contest and science and technology projects exhibition, in which students can exhibit their projects related to any field of science and technology.

Apart from young students, Shaastrotsav is reaching out to experienced professionals also, by conducting various contests for professional organizations and individuals this year.

Those who are interested to take part in any contests can register their names and get more information about Shaastrotsav events from the website

The mega event is one of its kind event in Kuwait where the students and the general public will get an opportunity to witness many fun filled scientific activities.


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