Wearing a watch determines pure elegance – Miss Earth Nicole Faria in Kuwait

Deepika Nambiar; Photo: Anwar Sadath Thalassery
Saturday, January 28, 2012

“I believe that every girl whether an Indian or any other Nationality has the right to voice her own opinion. For me a true woman is Power.” says Nicole Faria, the only Indian to have ever won the Miss Earth Title.
Bangalore born Nicole Faria is the beauty pageant titleholder who won the titles of Femina Miss India Earth 2010 and is the first woman from India to win Miss Earth title at the year 201o.
Miss Earth Nicole Faria was in Kuwait for exclusive launch of Luxury watch maker Frederique Constant’s new Indian Edition watch and exclusive Double Heart Jewelry collection. She is the global Brand Ambassador of Frederique Constant, a manufacturer of Swiss luxury wrist watches based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva
In an exclusive interview with IIK, Nicole Faria shares her experience.

IIK: First of all, tell us about yourself, like your schooling, education etc..?
I am Basically from Bangalore. I did my schooling at Sophia High School in Bangalore. Then I did my PUC from Christ College and BA from Mount Carmel College.

IIK: What made you take up modelling as a career? When did u start modelling?
I started modelling at the age of 15. I wanted to get into Bollywood and I realised that modelling is a good stepping stone to get into the Industry. Since I took modelling along with my education, my parents were open about it and were supportive. I had done a couple of photo shoots and ramp. Colombo fashion week was my first international fashion show. This gave me a good hold and was followed by Lakme fashion week, Delhi fashion week, shows in Dubai, New york, all across UK. I travelled a lot as part of the fashion shows and this was very interesting and liked a lot. Ones I got into modelling I never looked back. I love the Lime light, the camera and the people around me. I think in a way it boosts your confidence and you are motivated to do more, meet more people.

IIK: Who encouraged and supported you for Modelling?
My parents gave me the biggest amount of support. Apart from that I got immense support from few of my friends who are already in this industry. Since they are from the industry, I am sure that their advices can never go wrong.

IIK: How did you come across Pantaloons Miss India contest?
I used to get calls for Miss India contest as soon as I joined the modelling industry. At that time I was too young to participate in Miss India contest. Minimum age to participate was 18 year. First I won the Miss South India Pageant. I was 19 at that time and later I got direct entry to the Top 10 finalists in Pantaloons Femina Miss India Contest.

IIK: Winning the title Miss India Earth 2010 what was the feeling?
I was very happy to win the Miss India Earth Tittle. My main aim was to win the Miss India World Tittle as I wanted to go for the Miss World Pageant. I guess everything happens for a reason and I believe in Destiny, Karma and all of that. No Girl from India had won the Miss Earth Title so I was a little excited about that and things just took off from there. From the beginning, I had a feeling that I am going to win the title, but I never felt over confident. That excitement and nervousness was exactly what happened after winning the title!

IIK: How did you feel being the First Indian to become Miss Earth 2010?
My expectations weren’t very high. I never cared about winning or losing. It’s just the experience, the journey I have been through meeting those girls, interacting with them, all were very interesting. Some of them are still my close friends. Miss Scotland, Miss Japan and few others still talk to me on Skype or BBM. It’s been a joy ride, a learning experience and it’s been a life changing experience for me.

IIK: What are your future plans? Getting into Bollywood?
Bollywood Yes. I probably will join Bollywood soon. I have got a couple of offers. An Interesting script came along to me recently and is almost finalised. Soon it will become a reality.

IIK: Other than Modelling what are your other interests?
I believe that every girl whether an Indian or any other Nationality has the right to voice her own likes and dislikes. I love music, and I love dancing like a free bird. I won Miss Talent title for the belly dance I performed for Miss Earth Contest. It was not well prepared, just a 2 hours practice at the airport, but I could make it up with my interest. Everything I have done is through pure passion. Nobody forced me to do anything like you are Miss Earth so do this and do that.

IIK: How do you feel being the Brand Ambassador of Frederique Constant?
Ecstatic of course, it’s a huge company and always nice to have something like this backing me up. I am actually wearing double heart beat collection from Frederique Constant. This company donating a percentage from every watch sold to the International children Heart foundation based in US. I always feel proud that whatever I am doing something to promote the brand, it is helping for a good cause. I think the more you give the more u get.
To me wearing a watch signifies power, uniqueness, reflects my personality and own characters. It determines pure elegance. I am sure that the Indian edition watch from Frederique Constant, which has been launched here in Kuwait, will reach out to all Indians here and other nationalities as well.

IIK: How do you feel coming to Kuwait?
Kuwait is nice. This is my first visit to Kuwait. The cool weather is clean, beautiful and lovely. Immediately after I reached here I had a tasty Indian food and this gives me an impression that it is just a home away from home.

IIK: What is your message to the NRI community in Kuwait?
I wish prosperity and happiness for the NRI Community in Kuwait.

Miss Earth Nicole Faria is the global Brand Ambassador of Frederique Constant luxury watch. The company recently launched an Indian edition watch with Indian numbers on the dial and Double Heart jewellery collection in an exclusive function at Kuwait. The two different varieties of the Indian edition watch cost KD 295 and KD 330. Frederique Constant watches represented by Morad Yousuf Behbehani Company in Kuwait provides these new sets of watches and jewelleries in all luxurious exhibitions, shops and malls distributed within Kuwait.

Deepika Nambiar is a Freelance writer. Currently working for Lemonade International as Administrative Manager. She is part of the IIK Team and IWIK Core Team.Does regular contributions to the news portal IndiansinKuwait.com and also for Timesofindia.com.
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