Emerging Indian Associations in Kuwait; Concern for Sponsors

Monday, October 17, 2011

If you start counting the various associations and the programs conducted by them in a year, you will be really astonished. There are thousands and thousands of programs taking place in a year under various registered or non registered Indian Associations. The number is increasing day by day thanks to the split up in such associations and formation of new ones! The pace of growth in the number of Indian associations in Kuwait is turning out to be a concern for the major business establishments. These business firms are the real victims for the increasing number of associations. With an intention to support the charity activities, these firms profusely accepts the request for sponsorship from these associations.

Major business firms used to give sponsorship for most of the big and small groups formed here. "If we continue to be generous enough to sponsor the events, soon we won’t be having any justification to the real owner of the firm" said senior official of one of the leading business establishment to IndiansinKuwait.com. "There are many genuine associations who are actively involving in Community issues. They are helping lot of our people in distress, but rest of them are not doing much for the community", he added. The business community have already started sharing their feelings on this matter. The office bearers of the associations are well aware of those firms who are open handed and those who don’t even face them. This makes the situation worse for those firms who generally don’t refuse the request.

The season of festivity kicks off with Onam celebrations, which is one of the famous festival in Kerala, and it lasts till Christmas. Some try to bring forth the Eid and Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations while some others come up with their annual day. In last two months, a major firm in Kuwait received about 70 applications for sponsorship. Interesting part is that in some cases those came together for a single group will appear the next time separately for their two split up parts. Desperate with the increasing number of applications for sponsorship, it so happen that, the chief of a firm recently made an open request for the union of those associations who are in the similar track.

Though the so called sponsors are expressing their alarming situation, the associations are having a tendency to split as they grow, especially the district based associations. There are about 150 associations registered with the Indian Embassy, Kuwait and most of them are Kerala associations. The number of non-registered associations is equally high. Most of the political as well as religious groups in Kerala have their supporting units here. The list of associations starts from district level to the panchayath and local committees along with even sports clubs.

Observation proves that only Kerala associations are so desperate in getting hold of sponsorship for their events. The ample extent of backing for these Kerala based associations put the commercial firms into a situation where they have to purposefully give sponsorship for association events based on other parts of India to avoid a negative propaganda among their customers from these states. Amidst these prevailing situations in the field of sponsorship, the fact remains, yet more events and celebrations are awaiting behind the curtain.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Welldone MR. PSM KOKKUR your comments and view points are best

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
It is not too far when every Keralite / Indian - especially Mallus - will own an association. Why are Mallus so egoistic??? Cant they unite?? Cant Keralites be a bit more professional too??? Change guys Change!!! Change your mind set!!! And please do not go around with begging bowls for sponsorship... SHAME of you and shame on others too!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
A healthy talk is required about the mushrooming of Association in Kuwait especially among Keralites . Very few associations are diverting a minimum of their resources for helping the deserved but majority are not . The sponcers who is backing these events may get some return as displaying and familiarising their brand or company name but the poor people ( more than 80% Keralities in Kuwait trying hard to get both ends meet ) caught in front of this big bosses been pick pocketed in the name of coupons or relief funds . If in a month 4 or 5 Association approach a man for funding even one KD each is a big amount for him who is getting less than 100 kd per month.

So please dear bosses still you need it . do not put your hand in the pockets of expatriates who is all the day thinking how to solve their own problems and do not have a single seccond penny to spare!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Main motives behind forming associations, should be selfless public service/charity. Making a family get together 2-3 times in a year too is also acceptable. Not that the office bearers are damn crazy for publicity for them and for their family members. That is cheap.So the underlying passion is clear.That is nothing other than showing off and boasting!!! And then you call it as social life!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why this Associations are getting memebrs...?

I know one new district association they have just formed before two months and having members nearly 500.

Dear IIK ...Why sponsors have to concern ? Is there anybody forcing them to put their ads in public events?

Dear IIK... R u with sponsors or with the poor ppl who may get benefitted by the sponsorships.

A Viewer
Thursday, October 20, 2011
There is no doubt that there are persons who split associations for their personal benefit and form a splinter group for power and money. For example most of the officebearers/ executives of a 'district association' recently formed are wives and husbands and even before the formation of the association they are conducting 'melas' and 'mahotsavams' and mobilising funds from the public.

Few rotten elements will cause the people to doubt that all are rotten. there are many associations in kuwait who carry on humanitarean work and lot of poor people receive help from such associations. so we should not blatantly accuse all associations alike. embassy should impose stricter conditions for associations in kuwait. annual auditing of accounts should be made mandatory and those associations which donot do this should be derecognised. at the same time embassy should promote associations that are working for the common benefit of the society.

business people can also distinguish between good and bad while offering sponsorship.

All should seriously think as to how to weed out unscroupulous elements that create division in the society and loot public money.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
The ONAM celebrations have reached ridiculous levels .Onam was over in the first week of September, but some associations are having the celebrations in December!I pity poor Mahabali -he has no time to go to Pathalam because he is still busy in Kuwait and his visit visa also expired. If they have the celebrations in the same manner, Diwali will be till March 2012 and x'mas till June 2012.So please do not prolong the festivals .Few associations are doing good job but the vast majority are only for publicity with some of them 'one man show'.We should not encourage such associations .
As regards Mallus -don't forget the old saying
one mallu -he is a poet
two mallus -form an association.
three mallus -association split into two .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Dear Friends,

All of you who are writing against Associations should understand and don’t forget that 100s of poor people got benefited by associations. Lots of houses are made for people. Lots of families of deceased persons got financial help. Lots of hospitalized persons getting comfort. Lots of poor kids getting education. Lots of services like helping to accelerate formalities a dead body to sent to home country are done by associations while all of you are sleeping under your blanket watching TV or hearing music. Lots of facilities are getting improved in our country. All these would have been impossible without these associations. How many of you spend a penny, spent to make mobile call, spent to fill your car without any benefit in return. For your information …That’s the life of association people. If your problem is for the leaders wearing suites, my friend that’s the dress code of the community we are living. Don’t get so narrow your mind. So…do something what ever you can . Understand the terminology of the word “ ASSOCIATION”. Organize ten people around you do some kind of rejuvenation for them and feel gratitude towards yourself. Be a social being . Don’t sit in front of computer at office and in front of TV at home. Best of luck

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
A tendency is noted against the district associations in above notes...

I think, the organizations are forced to provide sponsorships for political associations than the district associations.

Am not sure about the associations related religion/cast..

I think, the reporter need to try to grab information about the spending of associations.

I am sure, there are atleast few associations does something ... while pointing the finger, think twice...
Everyone need to note that all fingers are similar...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Dear all association persons,

We are from India afraid to see all politicians and association persons. Dont Kill us, please leave us alone. Somehow we can stay here peacefully by working and all. Dont make trouble to us by putting your original nature in this country also. You all are beggers and looters like 3G Raja's.

thaks alot.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
There are lots of associations based of Kerala to Kashmir, dont attack keralites only. All the association people are coming and begging to fill their stomach for each and every regional programmes need to celebrate in Kuwait. We can consider them as beggers. Kerala, Tamil, Karnataka, Andhra, Goa, Religeous (Hindu, Christian and Muslim) etc. and all are there in the queue.

Even they are charging separately to the members other than this sponsorship programmes.

Its good to leave them as such and not giving any sponsorship to them also. They have to share and enjoy by fooding or by tours and all. Dont put that to the employees of other companies. Its not fair. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
One of my friend got an invitation to attend a meeting for the so called 'district association'and he went the member's house.After meeting there was a party in which the member supplied illicit liquor so as to canvass more men to join in his association.What a shame on malayalees....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Interesting article. The mushrooming of the associations is because of the craze for the organizers to have their name and photo in news and websites and nothing else. Very few organizations are working for the welfare of the community or group that they represent.There are reports of money swindly by the office bearers in some organizations too. What a Shame

Immediate Check required
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Thanks to IIK for touching such an important issue of Kuwait.

I saw many, being office bearers of many associations, a few approaching for sponsorship very frequently from same organisation, from different organisations and in least case sending their friends of same kind may be on give and take basis. Further, what makes interesting is all are claiming they are in charity, helping for education etc. Infact, they go on picknicks, they do charity only for their region, religion (please note I am not mentioning any particular region or religion), etc My request to such persons, please dont think people dont knw about you and your activities. If you are really concerned about service to society.. contribute yourself, go back to your place and work for them, stop using the benefits for you and your families like lunch, picknics, parties, etc., join the good causes like anna hazare, etc.

BUT PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE DONT TROUBLE HERE US. As rightly put many accept the requests only because they dont want to say NO.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hareesh Thripunithura
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Dear Friends,
All the bussiness mens and groups are making more profits from the poor people pockets.They are not taking any initiative to help the poor people.So The various organizations are organizing programes(social and welfare & charity)by collecting sponsorships from the business men ,shops and groups.so don't misundertand the goodwill of such organizations.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
We are always finding reasons to blame... but never looking at the positive sides - there are many people who are suffering in Kuwaiti houses are brought into light, many of them were able to leave in the amnesty period with the help of associations, there are many houses built in different parts of India, there are many medical assistances given to many, there any many people got legal assistances, those things are set aside, and one person is curious/anxious about the sponsors... very sad...

If a person or team who manage a company cant decide on what to give or what not to give, it is their lack of management skills... I do not think, any organization will be afraid of loosing business for not sponsoring an event...


very sorry about the writer - I think, he is same writer who wrote in gulf manorama

If the writer has a social responsibility, please look in to the labour camps who are still suffering, there are many people not getting their salary for months... please go to them... and write stories....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Many Associations and its splinter Associations are formed mainly due to the ambition of the 'founders' to be known in Kuwait among their Kerala locals and to get access to the Indian Embassy, with the Ambassador is always available to inaugurate any damn event. No recognized Associations are able to take up the totally unhygienic situations prevailing in many parts of Abbassiya area, most important near the residential and educational institutions. Actually their area of interest and priority should have been there as there is none in Abbassiya who might not be watching how the small kids walk or jump over the sewage waters flowing or logging in many parts, even in front of school. No associations, even the VIP MLA not able to do anything on the very pathetic situation in front of his School and more recently the uncovered demolition of buidling in front and right side of his school, where the kids breath all the dusts coming out from the falling debris. Only recently Kuwait Times reported this matter; but the MLA took no pain on the situation. So, the efforts are basically for self interest and not for the society. Let us not give trouble to others by our activities whether social or religious. Three Churches are functioning within the vicinity in Abbassiya making it extremely difficult for the residents to move around as there is absolutely no control on parking. Visitors compete between them to park it in front of Churches, located in basements, to the extreme hardship of others. Two weeks back, a pregnant lady was to be physically lifted to the far away parked Car as there was no way for the Car to come close with the crowd and cars both jamming the area. Had there been an arrangement to make its entrance at backside, it could have helped the residents and criticism could have been avoided.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santhwanamkuwait (www.santhwanamkuwait.com) is a good model for all other Kuwait association. Even a single fills of their collection goes to the poor patient without any publicity. Salute to the team

If somebody interested please join with them

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Nobody can control the trend of growing associations until major business establishments stop supporting/funding by sponsoring the unwanted events. If the Major business are really concerned and believe that

they are the real victims for the increasing number of associations, they should unanimously decide not to encourage activities/programes that are not fruitful to the society. Instead, they keep on going with sponsoring any kind of activities where 50-100 people gathers. As and when this scenario changes, the number of growing associations will automatically come down. Let each association members find funds from their own means to celebrate events that won't harm anybody in the society.

mini talent
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
See what a parent does to their children...? One parents does not feed their children, just so, not to loose the cuteness of their kids. These Kids sing the "same song" in 4 different association for past 3year..and gets Ist prize. Judges are also invited by these parents. Is this called talent?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Associations are not that bad thing. We need some sort of entertainments on the weekend.
But here the article should give more focus on splitting of the associations for individuals benefit.
Most of the district associations are now two. one of teh community association is having 3 seperate association after split.
mainly this split is coming bcoz of the ego problem of the individuals.
This is what we need to discourage.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Why should we look at it in a negative way?.I think, away from our home land, these are the only venue we get to mingle with people of all walks.People get the opportunity to be active in organising the event.A big team of volunteers are being mobilised in organising,distributing the coupons,arranging the cultural rehearsals and so on.The interaction amoung the people increase which is required for a human being!Away from the family and relatives,we require friends, and people of all walks to cater our needs which may be possible to get through such gathering.In any event, small or big, in India or outside, we can see different type of people ,sincere or selfish standing in front or in back.No one can change it.Its a reflection of our culture.So i think no need to worry too much about the organisations.Let them continue their activity in an ethical way..

PSM Kokkur
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
It is true that one fish can spoil the whole pond. Instead of generalising associations, it would be a good idea to look at the history of associations and its activities in Kuwait at the same time whether these associations collect funds from the public. See how transparent they are. Their bylaws, their agendas, their leadership, how they elect, their strength etc. will give you a clean idea about the authenticity of associations. Those associations that are not transparent can be streamlined and set aside. This is what I think. We need associations. what we dont need is associations in the name of association!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Hey duplicate maveli..now you dont keep a time to visit us.You are not bothered about it,because whenever some hi-fi men call you ,you will come forgetting your motto that'all men are equal;.and you will be escorted by some young ladies to show off their costumes other than yours.Then you bless all your costumed men..for eating and drinking.making air pollution,sound pollution,dumping too much garbage,disturbing little children's sleep,disturbing the poor men coming from farthest labor camps,and blessing the children of the VIP's who arrange the function,distributing prizes to men who do not deserve that and after all...everything vanished in the air.I warn you whenever the real MAVELI meets you,I am quiet sure that he will kill you and your butter bodied men.Be careful......Let us(some poor NRIs ),live here in peace without spending much money for your arrival next time and you indulge in some social activities for the benefit of poor malayalees who do not have a share market experience....Thank you
Good bye and Good luck....

Press meet
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
This is not a new concept. The policy of having many associations or even political parties has been followed from the time British left our country with divide and rule policies. Our forefathers have created many parties, generations have created many parties, and now we are dividing ourselves by forming associations just because we disagree with the parent association. Our blood is like this, then how can we expect change.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Guys...Shall we start an association for who does'nt like associations. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
There are also owners of these so called business houses who do these sponsorship to have their company advertisements placed prominently at these programme venues and also never miss out on the opportunity to have their faces grace the stage !!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
The Zealous minded Mallus are primarily behind this matter, we can see some coat wearing faces in front of all stages. These people are celebrating onam for three months in a year, if we search we can’t see anywhere such a celebration. The hidden agenda for each celebration is gaining money. They are selling thousands of KDs coupons amongst the poor peoples in labour camps and middle-high class people ( friends and relatives of organizers) sucking the soup of it without any cost and haste. If those poor people who already paid for the coupons want to have sadhya, they should pay 2 KD additional again. I hope since next year Government is aiming to control and monitor the unwanted celebrations from Asians. In addition, a small request to IIK, please don’t provide publicity for such celebrations.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
hey if you analyse these associations most of then are from Kerala ....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
@ Sunny, yes, these associations are giving platform for the kids to showcase their talents, but which kids? just go and attend all programs in a single friday, u can see teh same ppl are participating in almost all of teh association programs. I witnessed, one of teh dance participants running to another school after finishing their dance from one school to stage teh same dance in another school!

The question is Do we need these 1000s of Associations???

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Instead of spreading a negative propaganda about the associattions why don't we look at it in a positive way. These associations are providing a platform for people to show-case their talents and keeping them engaged in a country where people have no other social activities or entertainment.

Thomas chandy
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Banned all association. Only give state wise permision one association.Some association only preference for the Presidents kids,secretary kids and family.All prize given to assosiation managers.Please help to ordinary workers.Now panchayath,Muncipality,cast wise, association too much from kerala.Stop collecting Donation.Bharath maatha kee Jai

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Let us all Indians be very careful. With such large number of associations and still growing,let us not make it so conspicuous that Govt officials will soon be hard pressed to pass a law to ban them or restrict them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
If these associations concentrate their attention towards the prevailing problems faced by Indians in Kuwait like robbery and other social problems, they do not need sponsorship and wastage of funds!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Association now comes under the banner of the family members who controls the association activities.Yes that is true that some district association are splitted into groups and blaming each other for nothing so as to get a high level place in the group and to show the vanity of their families.The coordinating commity member and their families are in the first row for all activities and the others have to satisfy with what the leaders are ordering.So why take the name of a district and spoil it for these hooligans'performance in a stage and collecting money forcefully from the poor members to make what these high commands think and do.Onam celebrations are held after one or two months after the ONAM.Some people are making a one man show program in the art activities to be fame .In near future indian authorities will/should ban such association for some people who wants peace and relax.

Talat Firdausi
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
There is only one association (INDIAN CULTURAL SOCIETY) who represents ONE INDIA and don't encourage any RELIGION or REGION.
Organising the very best entertainment for entire INDIAN community.
APART from that ICS does a lots of social and welfare & charity works for which never looking upon any sponsorship. There is no Member ship fees. ICS is a non-political, non profitable & non commercial organisation.
Please JOIN and give strength to ICS. Not to say much except one LINE quoted by our ambassador H.E. Mr. Satish C. Mehta (YOU can take out Indians from INDIA but YOU CAN"T take out INDIA from the HEART of INDIANS.
Please represent your COUNTRY INDIA.

Monday, October 17, 2011
Very true. each panchayat in Kerala is having association in Kuwait! What the hell they are doing except a very few genuine associations?
just for putting their photo in news paper they are organizing a stage show!

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