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Latest offers and promotions in Kuwait
Latest offers and promotions in Kuwait
Latest offers and promotions in Kuwait

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Indian Central School ‘Pinks’ it with Aspire Indian International, Aspire Bilingual School and Pakistan English School

18th October saw an empowering wave of Pink as our Dar Al Salam (DAS) Schools, comprising of Indian Central School, Aspire I...

KWD 16.950
Per Gram (22kt)
Gold rate in Kuwait
Last updated on 10/23/2021 11:41:27 AM

Sports News

Kuwait Cricket Team to participate in ICC - International Cricket Council T-20 World Cup Qualifiers at Qatar

Kuwait Cricket Club is the official governing body for the game of cricket in association with Public Authority of Sports, O...

Young Reporters

What do exercise do to our brain

There are myriad reasons for working out. You might want to get into good shape, improve your fitness, reap the mental health benefits, or simply be

IIK Yatra

A Day with Elsa and Anna at the FROZEN Palace

Isn’t it good to meet your favorite Disney character Elsa and Anna at the Frozen Palace? Yahoo, I got an opportunity to meet

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11/23/2017 10:04:45 AM
Work hard, but enjoy your job – Ravi Varrier spending 40 years in a company!

Spending long working years with a company may not be a big deal if you are a sincere employee. But starting your career wit

11/20/2018 6:55:24 AM
Kuwaiti Violinist Creates Waves among Indians through his Magical Strings

Kuwaiti Violinist, Abdul Aziz made waves among Indians by playing “Harivarasanam”, the lullaby to Lord Ayyappa while the iss

10/6/2018 3:26:29 PM
Parents are the bigger culprits! Let the child set their own goals, Sqn. Ldr. Manish Kumar

The Major issue these days the students facing are the lack of clear direction about their future, said famous motivational

10/13/2019 6:15:35 AM
New Director take helm of Indian Central School; to open new school in Abbasiya

*Took over Indian Central School this year June *Set to open new Indian school from next academic year. It has hardly be

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