# ID: 689164 sharing acamodation available
Posted on: 5/5/2016 12:37:46 AM | by : Shyam kotha
Location: Reggai

Two bigrooms avaible for decent bachelors /couples available on 25? may 2016 new reggai near vijay restuarnt one room available today onwards 5/5/2016.anybody wants please call me :69667804.    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 689004 partition room for rent from 25th of may on wards
Posted on: 5/4/2016 3:26:05 PM | by : Muhammed Nassal
Location: Reggai

hi viewers, on 25th may onwards partition room available in new reggai who are interested call follow number 50600937 Pradeesh
we invite decent bachelors or family only
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# ID: 688985 Sharing accomodation available
Posted on: 5/4/2016 2:17:36 PM | by : Prasad Pai
Location: Reggai

Hi IIK Viewers,

Sharing accomodation available for single bachelor with cooking facility,washing machine and fridge.

For further details please call +965 98904870
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# ID: 688936 Big Room For Rent
Posted on: 5/4/2016 12:02:53 PM | by : Benadic Antanige chalani panchama
Location: Reggai

Big Room For Renr New Reggai. Only Lady Or Family. call 96089211    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 688848 ROOM FOR RENT
Posted on: 5/4/2016 9:07:16 AM | by : manel
Location: Reggai

two rooms available in new riggai
one big room & one patision room
anyone intrest plz call me

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# ID: 688757 Bed space available for muslim bacehlor
Posted on: 5/4/2016 7:07:49 AM | by : azher md
Location: Reggai

Bed Space available for Indian Muslim bachelor. Reggai, block-2 near irani school. cell-65851228    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 688569 Sharing accommodation is available in Riggae
Posted on: 5/4/2016 3:45:50 AM | by : jj m
Location: Reggai

Sharing accommodation is available in the Riggae for working ladies... If interested anyone plz contact Mr. Mathews 97741368.    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 688334 Sharing accommodation available in Old Reggai
Posted on: 5/3/2016 11:59:51 PM | by : zamal
Location: Reggai

Sharing accommodation available in old Reggai .block 1 street 2 behind in Cake&bake building .2BHK Big room & Big hall (hall for common use)central ac flat for Muslim couple family only. Rent is 130. Available from 25th May. Interested people Please call 97235085,97531909    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 688239 Bachelor Accomodition Avaialable in Reggai
Posted on: 5/3/2016 10:41:08 PM | by : Nadeem kiani
Location: Reggai

(Reggie near Naif chicken)
Accommodation available in two bed room flat
for decent Muslim bachelor for one 2 persons (Pakistani or Indian)
two bed rooms big sitting hall
kitchen facility also available
from end of May 2016

for more detail please contact @ following numbers

# 66 789 526
# 66 275 140

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# ID: 688175 Partitioned room available
Posted on: 5/3/2016 9:10:10 PM | by : pathum athukorala
Location: Reggai

a Partitioned room available in New Riggae near the extreme salon building. 70 KD.

available from 25th of may on wards.

good for a couple or 2 working ladies.

contact sami 66443926
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# ID: 688059 Sharing Room with one person
Posted on: 5/3/2016 11:18:20 AM | by : eshan desilva
Location: Reggai

I looking decent one person sharing room.( much better SRILANKAN).
From May 25th.(rent is 45KD).

Mobile 66083672
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# ID: 687985 Flat for rent
Posted on: 5/3/2016 8:52:32 AM | by : Raju Chalil
Location: Reggai

Vacation flat available from 29 May - 21 July-16 . Any interested families are welcome from south India. Please call to 51711055    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 687537 Sharing Accommodation available for bachelor in New Reggai, st 12.
Posted on: 5/3/2016 1:17:41 AM | by : Jamal Mohamed
Location: Reggai

Sharing Accommodation available for bachelor share with one Tamil Muslim bachelor in New Reggai, Its Double Bedroom CAS plat. Street 12, Near Vijay Mess. opposite Reggai Plaza Hotel, corner building. This plot avaialble from 25th May.

Call : 66358648
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# ID: 687397 Room for rent
Posted on: 5/2/2016 11:37:08 PM | by : Firoj Raja
Location: Reggai

Room for rent, ready to occupy , new Riggae, Near Naif chicken Restaurant for details please call 65918026 or 65532645    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 687160 Sharing Accomodation available in New Reggae
Posted on: 5/2/2016 11:47:51 AM | by : Sanjeeva
Location: Reggai

Sharing accommodation available in New Reggae with family.Pls contact for details, Sanjeeva -55865025

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# ID: 687085 Sharing accommodation available for executive bachelor
Posted on: 5/2/2016 9:47:40 AM | by : bhumesh margam
Location: Reggai

Sharing accommodation available for executive bachelor sher with another executive bachelor from May 25th location old reggai UAE Exchange behind pls contact.97818236 Rent kd.70    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 686624 Room for rent
Posted on: 5/2/2016 1:31:49 AM | by : Minal B Margam
Location: Reggai

Room available for executive bachelors in old reggae behind UAE Exchange from 25th May. Please call 97818236 Mr.Bhumesh    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 686545 sharing accmodation in new reggai
Posted on: 5/2/2016 12:30:36 AM | by : lasantha
Location: Reggai

one partionroom available for working ladies or two batchelor in new reggai for sharing near Al-mulla.available now contact. 51451415    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 686460 Accommodation available in NEW REGGAI
Posted on: 5/1/2016 11:42:21 PM | by : ben
Location: Reggai

Spacious bedroom and separate bathroom are available for family, working ladies or decent bachelors in New Reggai near Chocolate building. Interested persons can call at 66514797 or 65575558    Contact    [Report Abuse]
# ID: 686385 Partition Room available in New Regaai opposite vijay mess
Posted on: 5/1/2016 10:44:05 PM | by : Rafi
Location: Reggai


Partition Room available ceaser Travels building opposite Vijay mess in Reggai. You can come and stay now.

4th Floor Room No : 10

Contact: 55518975/66194746
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