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posted by Bihari Babu
This post is the result of quiz competition held for Salmiya residents. Majority of the residents say its Edee store. Its true and let me share my experiences.

Be alert when you are paying at the counter for vegetables. For leafy vegetables the cost is calculated on no. of bundles rather then on weight. Suppose you buy 2 bundles of coriander and due to rush hours the persons at the counter feels the plastic bag from outside to know how many bundles are in the bag. He may punch 3 instead of 2. Also the scanning is done at a very fast pace and you will not even know what is he punching. I have noticed this modus operandi and now I handover the leafy vegetables at the last myself. When you have finished the payment, go out of the shop and tally the bill with the price stickers pasted on the veg. bags. The price of leafy vegetables will be at the bottom of the bill and thus easy to tally. Edee is very expert in charging extra 50 or 100 fills in case you are not alert
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Posted by : Srivi .  
On 1/7/2010 12:21:48 AM

1) Meera shikakai powder, last year, it was 750 fils, after 6 months, 950 fils, now it is 1 kd.
but, in india, it is same rate.

when you buy ponni rice, 2.500 kd for 5 kg. if you buy 3 bags, then not allowed. it is 3 kd per bag, because rate changed yesterday. but, rate is marked in bag as 2.500 kd. but, you are buying bulk, so it is 3.000 kd for hotels like you.

coriander leaves 1kg, 300 fils (like that approximately). another person, will weight same coriander leaves for 650 fils, for all indian vegetables. because, he dont know the rate.
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Posted by : New Entry  
On 1/7/2010 12:25:11 AM

Thumps up to you!!!!!!! bihari babu.
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Posted by : Srivi .  
On 1/7/2010 12:29:27 AM

Atta, buy in bulk market in shuwaikh, sale double rate.

Ghee, discounted rate, but date will expire next month. Milk, curd, expired dates.

Glucose Biscuit, cream biscuits, buy in bulk, sell in discounted rate, from old stock, unsold items, but expired in 1 month.
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Posted by : Jago Grahak jago  
On 1/7/2010 12:49:19 AM

Better you will purchase at good shop like Lulu Hyper,Gulf Mart.City center ,there is no chance for lotttmar ,avoide to go Edee store.
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Posted by : JK2  
On 1/7/2010 12:52:22 AM

i prefer to buy from super markets. because i will get proper bill and can tally after.

in bakalas they are using manual machine for billing. there might be typing mistake by intentional or unintentional. more over we will not know what price they put for the particular items

have nice day..
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Posted by : friend  
On 1/7/2010 1:17:24 AM

what a useful post !what serious comments from our fils experts !

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Posted by : Edee  
On 1/7/2010 1:25:04 AM

Also, check the expiry date. They sell expired items by scratching off the expiry dates :(
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Posted by : PK  
On 1/7/2010 4:35:12 AM

goal bhai...untt na untt udi jaay ne aa loko puni na bhaav puchhwa jaay em chhe...
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Posted by : victim of edee  
On 1/7/2010 8:00:27 AM

its now 5 yrs i have not stepped inside edee again. i had purchased a item called mumbra, from there and at cash counter i asked him that theres i no weight tag no expiry or anything, i said check for other packet he said all the packets i said how can u sell like that,, and very rude way,, so i said keep the other stuff withu only and kept all wat he had already cashed and left from there.

since than never gone there
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