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Dependant Visa Stamping Procedures
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Dependant Visa Procedure (Duration: From June - September)

I have finished stamping my Wife's Residence and also applied for her Civil ID.

Here below are the procedures I went through.


Went to Indian Embassy, and prepared the Marriage Affidavit. Documents I took are my Original Marriage Certificate from Taluk Office in India (I didn't get it attested), my Original Passport, my Civil ID copy, Wife's Passport Copy. I

typed the Marriage Affidavit form at the Embassy. Received Marriage Affidavit the same day.

2. MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Location: Shuwaikh, Near City Centre, KUNA, Kaifan Telephone Exchange etc)
Went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and got the Marriage Affidavit attested fixing a 5KD Stamp. Received the attested M.A. within an hour.

Went to a local typing centre in Salmiya for typing the Family Visa application form.

(to be continued down...)

Posted by : AD .
On 9/7/2010
3:21:49 AM
Went to Salmiya Jawazat to apply for the Visa. Documents I took are, Typed Application Form, Original Marriage Affidavit, my passport Copy, my Civil ID Copy, Work Permit (I had the white one A4 Size, NOT green paper), Wife's
Passport Copy, and a 3 KD Stamp. Got Visa at the same time, same counter.



1. My wife took the Original Visa and her Original Passport to the Regional Passport Office (RPO), for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Paid INR 300 for that.
2. After that she went for the Medical Check up at a Medical Centre approved by Kuwait Embassy. For Medical, you need to show the Original Visa.
3. I booked a One Way Ticket to Kuwait in Air Arabia on a particular date foreseeing all the formalities in India, and emailed her the E-Ticket.
Posted by : AD .
On 9/7/2010
3:22:46 AM
. Once she received the PCC and Medical Report, she took the same along with her Original Visa and Flight Ticket to an Agent.
5. The Agent sent all these documents (PCC, Medical Report, Original Visa and Ticket), to Kuwait Consulate in Mumbai for Visa Stamping. The PCC is a must and it will be attested by the Kuwait Consulate.
6. Within a week she got these work done.
7. She landed in Kuwait on that particular date.



1. After One week of her arrival in Kuwait, I took her for Medical test at Sabah Hospital. Documents I took are her Original Visa, her Original Passport as well as Copy, my Civil ID Copy, Photographs.
2. Typed the application form there itself. Then move on to a separate counter for Family Visa. Take a 10 KD Stamp.Show these documents to the staff there, and he will take one more photo of your wife with their camera.
Posted by : AD .
On 9/7/2010
3:24:06 AM
3. Then the staff will guide us to a separate Lab for Blood test.
4. After Blood test, we need to go to the X-Ray Clinic, which is almost one Kilometer away.
5. After reaching the X-Ray Clinic, there is also a separate counter for Family Visa. Show the documents, he will give the Room / Lab No, and stick one number on her passport. Go to the specified Room / Lab for X-Ray. Get the X-

Ray done.
6. After a week, go to the X-Ray Clinic. There are two - three counters outside. Show your wife's passport to the staff at the counter. They will give a Yellow Card. Take that yellow card to the Blood Test centre. Again there is a separate counter for Family Visa Report. (Ask that typing guy where do we get the Family Visa Medical Report, he will tell you). Show the yellow card there, and you will get the report.
Posted by : AD .
On 9/7/2010
3:25:05 AM
INSURANCE. Location: Salmiya, Near Mubarak Hospital.

1. Before paying insurance, you should know your Wife's Civil ID Number. For that go to PACI's Website, access the link "Civil ID No. Corresponding to MOI No", type the 9 digit visa number which is shown on your Wife's Visa, under

the date of birth, click submit and you will receive the Civil ID No. This also can be accessed by dialling 1889988.
2. I went to the Insurance office near Mubarak Hospital and Fourth Ring Road. I went to the First Floor. Paid KD 44, and got the medical card at the same time. Documents I took are copy of Medical Report, Original Visa, Wife's

photographs, my Civil ID copy. When the guy ask you for the new Civil ID number, tell him the number which you got from PACI.
Posted by : AD.
On 9/7/2010
3:26:48 AM

1. Went to Salmiya Jawazat. Documents I took are, Typed Application Form, Wife's Original passport, Wife's photographs, Original and copy of the visa, Original Insurance Receipt, Original Medical and Finger Print reports, Original and translated copy of the PCC,my Civil ID copy, my passport copy with residence stamped page.
2. Verified all the papers at the counter. Then moved to the Cashier, and paid 100 KD, and then moved to the next counter for stamping the visa. If you are stamping for one year, no need to fix 10 KD Stamp.


1. Get the application form (Envelope) typed for Civil ID. There is a separate form for Blood Group test.

BLOOD GROUP TEST. Location: Salmiya Clinic near Sultan Centre

1. Went to Salmiya Clinic, fixed 1 KD stamp, and got the test done. Take that PACI Envelope with you.

Posted by : AD .
On 9/7/2010
3:27:35 AM

1. Went to the CIVIL ID Office carrying the following documents. The application form Envelope (which also contains the blood group test report), Wife's Original and copy of the passport (residence stamped page as well), Wifes photographs, my Civil ID copy, Flat Rent contract.
2. Take the token. Go the specified counter inside. And that's all.
(NOTE: I didn't put the Envelope in the box there since I felt that it will delay the process. When I went to take the token, the guy said that for first time, no need for token, just put it that box. So, I went to the other counter, and Thank God, luckily I got the token. If not I would have no other choice, other than putting the envelope in the box)
3. Check the website of PACI or call PACI Tel number for readiness status.
4. Once ready collect the CIVIL ID showing your Wife's passport.

Posted by : ROSH .
On 9/7/2010
3:33:14 AM
AD.how is this now ? I did for you in your name.
Posted by : AD
On 9/7/2010
3:36:56 AM
Thanks Rosh. I knew it was you. Accordingly I have deleted the other topics. God Bless.
Posted by : ROSH .
On 9/7/2010
3:39:59 AM
Anyway good work dear keep it up..
Posted by : Butcher
On 9/7/2010
3:47:38 AM
Good Work!! Hope administrator adds this topic in FRT.
Posted by : goal ...
On 9/7/2010
4:29:41 AM
Great Job Ad. and Rosh.

I think this topic should be a turning point, and from now no one will have any doubts on getting 'dependant visa' for their beloved.

Once again a big round of applause.
Posted by : ROSH .
On 9/7/2010
9:08:32 AM
Thanks goal jiiii. where were you today? you didn't show up in IIK.
Posted by : rJoy
On 9/7/2010
10:34:59 AM
I had also documented the procedures that I went through for obtaining Dependant Visa.

Pls visit:

Posted by : PACI
On 9/8/2010
12:28:28 AM
Very well explained and good job.
Posted by : AD
On 9/8/2010
1:17:15 AM
A very big thanks to Administrator for adding this topic into FRT. Also I thank ROSH for helping me to arrange this topic into a user-friendly way. Good Day!
Posted by : SNMG
On 9/8/2010
4:46:21 AM
Great Job Rosh, thanks
Posted by : dp
On 9/14/2010
7:40:07 AM
AD i appreciate for your valuable information
for your kind information just i want to add (if in pregnancy) query in between
4.if pregnant after blood test go to room no.8 they will give you a form for pregnancy test do the test (as per mention lab addresses on the form) take the report and submit the report to the same room.
5. No X-Ray if pregnant. (X-Ray must be done after pregnancy)

Thanks n Good luck
Posted by : AD
On 9/15/2010
1:28:52 AM
Thanks dp for your valuable input. God Bless.
Posted by : AD
On 9/15/2010
1:28:52 AM
Thanks dp for your valuable input. God Bless.
Posted by : Sabu Thomas
On 9/15/2010
3:02:48 AM
Is it is the same procedure for taking visa for kids ( minor)? any eceptions ? Do we need the Finger Print test from Home Country like we are doing now for work visa.

Posted by : ROSH .
On 9/18/2010
11:23:59 AM
@ Sabu thomas,
Not required PCC for infants also no medical.only vaccination card will work.
Posted by : jasim
On 9/21/2010
11:43:32 PM
Original PCC should be attested from kuwait foreign affairs(new rules).
and original marriage certificate need for verification.

Posted by : Rathi
On 10/5/2010
2:29:47 AM
Do we require marriage certifcate also when am renewing residence for my kid?
Posted by : Andy Longer
On 10/23/2010
4:54:56 AM
Dear AD,
Thanks for your valuable information, This really helped me in getting some stuff done. I finished uptill the procedure 3 and this week i will be doing procedure 4 and 5. But i have a doubt in PCC, Do they give a PCC certificate or do they stamp PCC on the passport.i'm really confused about the procedure in India. Do we have any visa service in Kuwait or do you mind in giving your phone number for clarifying few things.

Thank you and have a great day a head.
Posted by : AD
On 10/24/2010
4:58:18 AM
@Andy Longer
The PCC is not stamped on passport. The Regional Passport Office will issue a PCC certificate after verifying / checking the same with the local police station in your locality. It will cost INR 300.
Posted by : prakash zion
On 11/11/2010
8:57:35 AM
thanks brother,thanks lotttttttt god blessss you ,hava a happy family life
Posted by : Sam
On 2/3/2011
2:41:00 AM
Please advise me , PCC is required for childerns under 15 years of age or not for family visa stamping
Posted by : Srivi .
On 2/3/2011
3:56:38 AM
for family dependant visa, wife and children, finger printing is not at all required. it is waste.
Posted by : AD
On 2/3/2011
3:57:49 AM
Dear Sam, Not required for children under 18. But wait for other replies as well.
Posted by : Khan
On 2/3/2011
4:51:42 AM
What all documents we need to get attested from Kuwait Embassy for Dependent visa?
Visa & PCC both or only PCC?
Also do we need any attestation from MEA in Delhi?
Also do they Stamp Visa on the passport?
Posted by : ROSH .
On 2/3/2011
5:24:40 AM
@ Khan
Contact any travel agent in your area,they will do all stamping works for you.
Posted by : Khan
On 2/3/2011
5:35:27 AM
@ROSH.: i contacted an agent in delhi, he is saying PCC needs to be attested from MEA New Delhi also. but as i read from these posts that PCC attestation is only done from Kuwait Embassy pnly and not from MEA, so can u plz clarify this!
Also wil Kuwait Embassy stamp a new Visa on my Wife's passport? or the paper visa that i sent will don?
Posted by : Rajan RN
On 2/28/2011
3:48:10 AM
Excellent job in making the procedure clear.

I request a clarification please.

I am new to Kuwait and got my residence stamped in my passport thru my employer. Just submitted required papers including rental contract to the mandoop for civil ID. I understand it will take about 2 weeks.

In the meanwhile can I go to Indian Embassy (without Civil ID)and apply for 'Relationship Affidavit' for my wife and child and then get the dependent visa too. Or do I need to get the Civil ID first.

The idea is to save a couple of weeks since I need my family to be here after completing all formalities in India (PCC, Medical, Kuwait Embassy attestations, etc.) in the first week of April when the schools reopen.
Posted by : AD
On 3/1/2011
11:11:49 PM
Dear Rajan,
I think u should wait for the Civil ID. For my case, the typing person at Indian Embassy had asked my civil ID for entering the address in the affidavit.
Please wait for others reply as well.
Posted by : ROSH .
On 3/1/2011
11:20:13 PM
Go to any typing centre(not in embassy)and make the form and aply in embassy.They will not ask your civil ID.In typing centre(out side)they will make your form according to your rent contract.

Posted by : Khan
On 3/5/2011
11:36:42 PM
Would appreciate if someone can post the timings to the various clinics and offices concerned with Dependent Visa process, like ideal time that i can tell for medical test is at 8 am in the morning to avoid rush and finish the tests early.. What about Insurance office & finger print centre?
Posted by : prakash zion
On 3/25/2011
8:20:09 AM
Posted by : Sulthanarif N
On 4/6/2011
2:47:23 AM
Anyone please specify how many photographs required for dependent visa in kuwait(from medical upto to get the civil id) and what color should be on the background of the photo.
Posted by : Srivi .
On 4/6/2011
2:58:36 AM
dont worry about color.
just go to studio, tell them for residency photo, they will do the color, blue background. no need to worry you.

how many, also dont worry, if you print 4 or 8, same or slightly over charge.

minimum you need 4 -6 photos. keep prints of 8 minimum.
1 or 2 for medical.
1, insurance
2 for akama
1 for civil id.
Posted by : Hussain
On 5/1/2011
3:59:33 AM

Today i open PACI website to check the Civil ID number but i could not find any number. i can find only below mentioned text only:
"No Information Found for this Moi Number"

please advise me what will be the problem.

Posted by : Sulthan Arif
On 5/17/2011
12:41:33 AM
In the PACI envelope i found 3 application forms and each form contains both arabic and English letters.this forms can fill it up hand or from any typing centers
Posted by : Sulthan Arif
On 5/18/2011
10:37:56 PM
Is House Rental copy is required to apply Civil ID first time for Dependent Visa ?
Posted by : prathish pradap
On 5/20/2011
9:58:09 AM
Hi All,
Iam planning to bring my wife and seven months old baby on next month. what are the procedures to be follow up and documents carry for applying a family visa ,is there any changes in the rule for applying a dependent visa from may 2011 onwards, pls.... let me know if any one knows.
Posted by : the gr8 one
On 6/2/2011
3:37:23 AM
visit this page for all the procedure: http://thegr8oneishere.blogspot.com/2011/05/procedure-for-dependent-visa-in-kuwait.html
Posted by : Jeeva
On 6/2/2011
4:27:01 AM
Oh no. again attestation mafia! PCC attestation, affidavit attestation, passport attestation, birth certificate attestation, atttestation on top of another attestation, and so on. Keep looting people who don't know.
Posted by : KK
On 6/2/2011
4:31:59 AM
Yes Jeeva, there are 100's of posts by these so called mafia, they just make fake enquiries and they themself give fake answers using different name. Ultimately they suggest to go for different attestaion. Its become like SPAM mail saying YOU WON MILLIONS of Dollars, send ur details with passport copy and so on,. ! Keep lootig poor indians.
Posted by : Vishnu
On 9/5/2011
4:06:12 AM
original marriage certificate attestatin not required while applying dependent Visa in Kuwait? pls advice
Posted by : aa bb
On 9/29/2011
11:11:01 AM
dear all,

i need to make visit visa or family dependent visa for my new born baby. Can you please update this post for all new attestations required from india and kuwait as per new rules? thanks in advance.
Posted by : Deen
On 10/15/2011
3:23:05 PM
Dear All,

Can anybody tell me name of medical center & fingerprint address in fahaheel or any nearest area for dependant visa.

Actually i m leaving in fahaheel.

Posted by : Deen
On 10/15/2011
3:34:46 PM
Sorry brothers,

i m living in fahaheel.(not leaving)

Posted by : Waks Khan
On 10/18/2011
2:31:18 PM
Dear All,

Any update on the Dependent Visa Documents :-

For wife visa in :

Salmiya : - Need a certificate in "To Whomsoever concerned". Need to fill in a form at Indian Embassy and they provide it.

Farwaniya : I guess marriage affadavit attested from Indian Embassy still works there.

Ahmadi : Marriage certificate Transalation in Arabic. Attest the Translation from Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foriegn Affairs. ( I got this done myself)

Each Governorate has their own procedure.

Best of Luck.
Posted by : Urgent reply
On 10/22/2011
6:40:23 PM
Dear All,

Please tell me the size of photograph for medical & finger print in dependant visa.
And any stamp require in medical or finger print procedure.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by : Marcos Abraham
On 12/8/2011
8:16:58 PM
For Ahmedi:
1. To Apply for family visa for son/daughter: Make relationship affidavit from Indian Embassy, Translate to Arabic, put Ministry of Justice stamp.
2. Type application and submit with the translated affidavit at ground floor, they will give a printout, go to room no.2 on the opposite side building, get mudheer signature, token and wait. You will be asked to get your civil ID checked....for that go to the last room and get your civil id copy stamped by the person. Come back to the counter and get your Visa.
3. Do medical and stamping in India.
4. Back in Kuwait... Type for medical, go to fahaheel new clinic, you have some agents for help...get the medical done, go to second floor for reports. Check whether there are proper signatures and water mark stamp on that.
5. For Insurance, you have to go to Ahmedi Immigration and at reception give the copy of the visa and your civil id and tell the lady that u need the civil id no. they will provide a print out. With this printout,
Posted by : Marcos Abraham
On 12/8/2011
8:30:37 PM
2 copies of your Civil ID, 2 copies of Visa, go to the mudheer, get signed, take token and pay the insurance, get the slip stamped from another counter just opposite to the seating direction.
No need for any extra typing or application for insurance.
**For Visa stamping on PP: Get typing done , submit at the ground floor at Ahmedi Immigration, show your original Civil ID and get it signed at counter.
Go to ground floor on opposite building,"CASHIER" , pay 100KD for one year or 110 KD for 2 years, get the slips.
Go to 1st floor, same building, room no.3, take token.
Documents Needed:Insurance copy, 100 KD receipt, original Visa, Medical report, civil ID copy, PP copy of the child.
** For Civil ID: Typing with cover, go to PACI office @South Surra, take token and submit tot he lady sitting in the counter. No photographs or Finger print required for children less than 12 yrs old.Take blood group report before u go in the form given at typing centre.
Finished... Check after a week.
Posted by : Marcos Abraham
On 12/8/2011
8:32:41 PM
The above procedure is for Children below 12 yrs age. I had gone through these now.
Posted by : sam ananth
On 12/31/2011
10:00:40 PM
good ad,, but this is one year old, sill same procedure?????
Posted by : anil kumar
On 2/6/2012
3:35:07 PM
Marriage certificate/affidavit either we need to translate into arabic or not?
Posted by : thomas jacob
On 3/28/2012
8:58:55 AM
gr8 job
Posted by : anwarp @gmail Anwar
On 4/9/2012
12:29:30 PM
I wife and son are travelling to kuwait on 26th april with new dependant visa which is expiring on may 5th.

Should i finish all the procedures before 5th , if then is it enough?

Posted by : ms
On 4/14/2012
5:57:04 PM
Hi All,

my wife passport is in her old surname and her passport doesn't have my name ether i m planing to being her on dependant visa

please tell me in orders to stamp the visa dos she have to change the surname or my name has to appear on her passport in order to stamp the visa after i bring here to kuwait
Posted by : nitin kunvara
On 4/22/2012
4:57:48 PM
thank you Ad. and Rosh. for the valuable information,it was a great help, god bless u both.
Posted by : Senthilkumar Mayavan
On 5/25/2012
11:23:24 AM
Posted by : babu
On 6/11/2012
1:47:52 PM
hi frnds,

last week i apply for family visa in Ahmadi. they rejected, and asking for marriage certificate. i show marriage affidavit. still thy rejectd.i hav my original marriage certificate with me. expereinced pls advise me to the procedure that wht should i do with original marriage certificate. thanks in advacne.
Posted by : Fns
On 6/16/2012
12:49:40 PM
Dear Babu
i got my family visa from salmiya based on the following:
marriage certificate attested by home dept/mea delhi/kuwait embassy india.after that same to be attested in mfa kuwait

for kids:birth certificate to be done same as above

if kid born in kuwait;no need for the above formality

for help you can approach urogulf in mirqab 66705708 or chk their site each certificate 40KD

IN case your family was here before and exited kuwait ,go personally to jawazat and show them the old cid copy and if lucky they will accept w/o certificates
Posted by : Paramjit
On 8/28/2012
11:23:02 AM
Friends, rules changed now..Finger print must be done first and then go for medical. otherwise they will not do your medical. So better go first for finger print and then medical.
Posted by : vinit pandey
On 9/6/2012
1:13:51 AM
I m going for marrege to india. Please tell me marrege cirtificate should b attestate or i can attestate here in kuwait than i can apply 4 family visa

Posted by : Shridhar Parkar
On 1/8/2013
3:19:13 PM
Dear All

I would like to give inform a small change in this procedure which i faced yesterday for my wife's stamping.

They want Finger Print registration first before going for medical test.
Hence i had to go back to finger print first and then from there i got a stamp on VISA paper which was accepted for medical test.
Posted by : Hats
On 1/14/2013
1:30:39 PM

First u have to go for finger print test in Sharq.

After getting the finger prints & eye scan they will put a stamp on the Original visa, thereafter you shud proceed for Medical test.

(NOTE: no finger print report is given, just a stamp on visa)
Posted by : SRH
On 2/21/2013
1:54:57 PM
hi..i got my wife's medical report. but in the report, my civil id number is typed wrong. instead of 2850, they have typed 2580. when i contacted typing center, they said no issues it can be corrected. i just wanted to double check on this. and interesting part is the officials hasnt found out the mistake. they've given the reports. please let me know if anyone is aware about it. thanks
Posted by : palani appan
On 3/20/2013
3:48:54 PM
good job,keep it up
Posted by : sanjeev kumar
On 4/15/2013
12:58:39 PM
Hi Thanks for posting such informative procedure. Can you guide me from where to get the list of hospitals approved by Kuwait Embassy in India for my wife to get the medical done in india.
Posted by : mathew zacharia
On 6/17/2013
7:42:39 AM
about finger print, now a days there is no certificate issue from the finger Print office.Our details will directly save to the system.So no need to collect any certificate from there.Just do the finger print and they will stamp on your original visa. thats enough.
Posted by : salman aziz
On 8/18/2013
10:02:58 PM
Hi Viewers,

Thanks for all detailed posts.

Can you please tell me what papers are required for finger print as per new rule? Thank you.

Posted by : Manish
On 8/28/2013
1:11:57 PM
I have following queries.
I have original MC and Birth certificates for my kids attested from India (Notary,MEA and Kuwait Embassy in delhi).
Do I still need to go to Indian Embassy in Kuwait to make MC and any relation affidavit? or I can directly go to MOFA and MOJ after getting it translated?
As i am stayining Abu Halifa so i will apply for dependent VISA in Ahmadi Jawajat.
Please suggest.
Posted by : Kabeer I
On 9/27/2013
8:45:13 AM
Hi Friends,
For dependent Visa residency stamping in Kuwait for salmiya jawazat civil id,I believe we have to go sharq ( correct me if I am wrong)
1. So can you tell me if we need any application to be typed for finger prints and where?
2. Which documents to carry and is it a walkin or need appointment?
3. How much do they charge for finger printing and where do we pay this?
4. For medicals where do we go for salmiya jawazat ? do we need any appointment or is it walkin ?
5 Do we need medicals n finger prints for a child of 4 years?
Please reply
Posted by : khan ayaz
On 10/21/2013
11:32:04 AM
Thanks for your valuable inputs.
Posted by : OK
On 11/21/2013
3:11:35 PM

I am getting visa for my wife and kid which I will courier them to India, so that they can do PCC and medical in India. I have couple of queries:
1. My kid is 1.5 years old (infant). Please let me know whether medical will be required for him? Whether PCC will be required for him from India?

2. Secondly the medical has to be done from GAMCA centres. Are the list provided in the below website correct for medical centers:

Posted by : sahil patel
On 5/31/2014
11:48:45 AM
My Wife and 1 year old son has arrived to kuwait 2 days ago on family visa. I want to start their visa stamping process. Before Medical and x-ray do i have to go through the finger print procedure or not ? Can someone advice thoroughly for the finger print whether required or not ?
Posted by : Sunil
On 8/3/2014
4:35:08 PM
There is some change in procedure. I recently carried out dependent visa procedures and noted following changes.

1. Before Finger printing , a document in arabic needs to be signed from the Jawazad office and the same needs to be submitted to Finger printing office then only they will take your spouse for finger printing.
I got this document from Salmiya Jawazad (I am staying in Salmiya) and the same is signed by one official sitting in first floor, room no 5 and the same is noted in a register by the person sitting inside the counter ( after signing).
(Exact nature of this document, not sure,Got it printed by translation centre in Jawazad- after explaining the Translator)

2. Medical once done, you need not go to collect the medical report the same is sent to Jawazad office

On 10/12/2014
10:43:15 AM
Can you suggest names of Agents who will do the visa stamping in New Delhi
Posted by : kishore kumar
On 1/27/2015
4:24:54 PM
Attention all are going for new family visa. Please check the dependent's passport for the validity, it should be more than 2 years. yesterday i got rejected my son's visa for the reason. his passport validity is 16/01/2017. i was late for 5 days when applying. so please check again your passport validity thoroughly. thanks kishore
Posted by : Satish Kr
On 5/9/2015
5:55:28 PM
As of April 2014 following changes apply

1. Jawazat officials will take away your original affidavit from embassy, so do keep xerox copies. Marriage certificate has to be attested, I was asked for same.

2. Finger printing is to be done first then medical. Finger print and Medical report will be sent electronically- directly to jawazat.

finger print at

Khal ed Ibn Al Wa l ee d S t r ee t , S ha r q, ne ar t he t o y s h op s - F o r C ap i t al Governorate

Al-Ghazali Stre et , F a r w an i y a - F or H a w al l i a nd F ar w ani y a go v er n or a t es
3. Insurance will be done on spot.
4. All photos with a blue background.
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You need to login, if you are not already logged into IIK. If you are not yet a member, you can register here.
How to read and reply an existing topic?
You can view an existing discussion by clicking on that topic title. When you are in a discussion, you can share you reviews and opinions by clicking on the REPLY button on that page.

Its your portal, its your platform, so get involved.