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Shukran Kuwait...

The constitutional sovereign state which has high income economy backed by worlds sixth largest oil reserves, the country which has highest valued currency in the worl

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IIK Young Reporter

IIK introduces a unique program “IIK Young Reporter” to encourage the writing skill for the young students from the community. Any student with a passion for creative writing and a little bit of interest in journalism and community activities can be a part of this program. Student from 6th standard to 12th standard studying in Schools here in Kuwait can be a part of this unique program. Click Here to register.

Dwiti Ponda, IIK Young Reporter

Shukran Kuwait

The constitutional sovereign state which has high income economy ba

Sarah Parvesh, IIK Young Contributor

How well is the Kuwait India relationship?

We all are living in a world with people of different cultural and ec

Alfy Rachel Thomas, IIK Young Contributor

Kuwait- flying high

Ronald Reagan said, “We’re more than friends, neighbors and allies:

Malavika Krishna, IIK Young Reporter

I love Kuwait, My Second Home

“It’s been so many years now, away from parents, relatives, and our o

Siya Pareek, Young Contibutor

Republic Day Celebrations at the Indian Embassy

On the day of 25th January, my uncle and aunt visited our home and en

Shreya V Arun, Young Reporter

Journey from Shasthrotsav to Kuwait Children Science Congress

Shasthrotsav 2015, was my first attempt to participate in a science e

Shad Ahmed, Young Contributor

My Unforgettable Italian Escapade

Bari This summer of ’18 was highlighted by my indelible trip to It

Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan

Be yourself

“You cannot change how people feel about you, so don’t try. Just live