Aashirvaad 2017 - The Blessing Ceremony of CLASS XII
   - 2/27/2017    The Indian Community School, Senior Branch, organized a colourful Blessing Ceremony for 285 outgoing students of Class XII on 16th February, 2017, at...

Towards a New Beginning
   - 2/20/2017    “Education should be for the flowering of personality but not for the suppression of creativity or natural skill”. Indian Learners Own Academy acc...

Pre-Primary Annual Atheletic Meet 2017 In ICSK Junior
   - 2/19/2017    The annual Nursery Sports Day was held on Wednesday, 8th February 2017 in ICSK Junior campus.

Salmiya Indian Model School:Career Guidance Session
   - 2/19/2017    Salmiya Indian Model School conducted Career Guidance Session for the students of grade 9 and 10 Mr Waqas Rashid ,Ms Nawal and Ms Marie Malha fr...

GIS crowned National Champions
   - 2/14/2017    Gulf Indian School quizzers brought home another prestigious award by bagging the National Championship in the Asianet Think and Learn Challenge 2016...

ICSK Amman organized Prize Ceremony
   - 2/14/2017    Prize ceremony, to honour the winners of the inter house club competitions, was organized in a very splendid manner by the ICSK Amman school senate o...

Salmiya Indian Model School, Kuwait Farewell Report
   - 2/13/2017    Students of Class XI of Salmiya Indian Model School gathered today to bid farewell to the outgoing Class XII batch. The evening was a ...

Bhavans Kuwait Celebrated Decadal Annual Day
   - 2/12/2017    The normally humble and insignificant day of February 9, 2017 was elated to the elite club of days with immeasurable importance as Bhavans Kuwait cel...

ICSK Khaitan Glistens in K-Rays
   - 2/12/2017    Focussed on ingraining scientific and creative attitude in students, to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology and society b...

Salmiya Indian Model School Conducted Seminar "Score More with Mind Power"
   - 2/12/2017    Salmiya Indian Model School - SIMS organized a Seminar for their High School students titled " Score More with Mind Power" on 8th February. The Semin...

IISM organized Bids Farewell to class XII students
   - 2/8/2017    India International School Mangaf organized Farewell Party on 2nd February 2017, where students of XI bid farewell to the outgoing class XII student...

The Indian Community School Kuwait, Junior Super Kid 2017
   - 2/8/2017    Super Kid is an attempt to identify exceptionally intelligent, innovatively clever and talented students at a young age. Talent search and reward is...

Uncompromising Drive for Excellence at ICSK
   - 2/7/2017    The Indian Community School, Kuwait acknowledged through awards and mementos the academic achievement of its meritorious students of both AISSCE and ...

National Girl Child Day at its Peak in SIS
   - 2/7/2017    Smart Indian School marked the occasion of National Girl Child Day by celebrating the powerful constituency for shaping a sustainable world that is b...

1st SIMS Open Football Tournament
   - 2/7/2017    Salmiya Indian Model School, Kuwait organized 1st SIMS OPEN FOOTBALL TOURNAMEN on the occasion of 68th Indian Republic Day. The tournament was ina...

Knockout Knights of Smart Indian School
   - 2/6/2017    Smart Indian School is well pleased to inform the public that the following students emerged victorious in KNOCKOUT round of GCC Bhavans Spell Bee 20...

UIS claimed 14th Inter School Basketball Championship 2017
   - 2/5/2017    UIS claimed their 14th successive claim on the Prestigious Don Bosco Oratory Inter School Basketball Championship 2017. 4th Feb 2016 - This year i...

IISM Pays an Educational Visit to Gulf Bank
   - 2/5/2017    The Commerce stream students of India International School Mangaf paid an educational visit to the Reqqa Branch of Gulf Bank on 23rd January 2017. A ...

ICS Family Celebrated Their Principal’s Birthday
   - 2/5/2017    ICS family celebrated their beloved Principal - Dr.Shanta Maria James's birthday on 29th January 2017 in a grand manner. Principal thanked the famil...

SIS Sewa Project: Irrevocable Impact of Inventions in Interpersonal Values
   - 2/5/2017    Smart Indian School organized a retrospective project under the course SEWA for the students of CBSE International Curriculum. The goal of the study ...


Why is it so difficult to find 2nd hand school guides/past papers in Kuwait?
Posted by : Mother on 2/19/2017
I cannot understand why it is so difficult to find 2nd hand old text books and especially guides/past question papers here in Kuwait? I have placed many adverts asking if anyone has old 10th Grade text books/guides/past question papers etc...but no one responds. I know everyone buys the extra study materials/guides/papers from India -so what do people do with them after the year is over? If anyone seriously wants to give away their old 10th guides/papers instead of throwing out then please contact me on 50276475. Thanks in advance.

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Regading ERP Accounting Doubts
Posted by : SAJITH S on 2/12/2017
I am to new General trading (POS Related) - ERP System
Please guide me to clear the following doubts :-
1. POS Card Transaction reconciliations Procedure
2. Sales Account will tallied with Sales Invoiced if there is any discount? Or We have to check any discount account also?

Please guide me properly.

Thanking you.

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School timing
Posted by : Mum on 2/9/2017
What is the timing for lkg children in icsk salmiya ?

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Posted by : EK EK on 2/9/2017
Dear Parents, hope you are aware of this. Posting it here for your information.
"Indian schools, including those in the UAE, have been directed to stop offering the CBSE-i (CBSE-International) curriculum from the 2017-18 school year, which begins in April for Indian schools.

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International admission procedure
Posted by : Parent on 2/9/2017
Dear Parents,
My son is in Grade 11 now. He would like to go to UK for further studies after 12th. Can you kindly guide me regarding the procedures and requisites for the same. Any idea when the representatives for these colleges come to Kuwait?! Is there any place in Kuwait which can guide us on this? Thank you in advance.

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what is the fact behind the news related to bank?
Posted by : Khan1 on 2/8/2017
Is that true or humors only!

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school Health card file
Posted by : cool breeze on 2/4/2017
Dear Viewers,
My kid got admission for LKG in Indian school and completed the health card procedure and last week he got admission in another school so whether i have to repeat the health card procedure for this school again or if it is sufficient to change the school name in the health card file.

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Lost migration certificate
Posted by : 12th grade CBSE on 1/26/2017
My son lost 12th grade migration certificate during last year admission time, now 1 year B.COM final exam their asking migration certificate, I asked in School in Kuwait (Indian community) they are not helping we have to get from CBSE Board.

please comment

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Board Examinations for class X next year onwards
Posted by : Teacher on 1/25/2017
Dear parents,
As we are approaching the new academic year, hope you all are well aware of the changes the CBSE council has made recently in the system. There won’t be any more Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments in the next academic year (2017-18 Batch for Class X) onwards. The teachers at school cannot do any more favors as there won’t be any more school conducted examinations which can affect the scoring in the final exam mark sheet. That means the Class X also will have to face the Board Examination exactly as it is for the Class XII.
Classes VI, VII and VIII will get used to the new system as there will be annual examinations / terminal examinations conducted at school in the coming years. But many parents have already expressed their concern about the present class IX students. How will they manage in the new system where the change is made all of a sudden? It is agreed that the recent changes are made for producing better quality education. We all appreciate and welcome it wholeheartedly. But what precautions do we take for preparing our children for the Board Examination?
A sincere and dedicated teacher should not encourage or advise her own students to go to the same teacher for private tuition. (What better service does she offer at her tuition center which she cannot give in her own class at school?) If there is anybody doing so, she doesn’t follow the ethics of a professional or committed teacher. Beware and be aware of such teachers in the society. They could even be a curse for the future of our children. This is not to advise you that you should send your children to a particular teacher or not. But,
You, as responsible parents, have to be very selective and choose wisely the qualified, efficient and experienced tutors who have sound knowledge in all the subjects for your children especially those who are going to write the Board Examinations next year. As you all know, private training is very essential (especially for those who are getting prepared for the Board Examinations) in our society since there is very less number of working days at our schools in Kuwait compared to that of India or other parts of the world. Be very decisive and don’t get deceived due to any influence of others who prefer a kind of exam oriented way of training for their own children.
Thank you and May God bless you all to take wise decisions.

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Republic India has embassy to help the Indians
Posted by : Khan1 on 1/25/2017
Republic India.
Open letter to the Foreign Affairs of INDIA!
This is to inform you that before few years we, Indians in Kuwait insist, 1) Indian embassy in Kuwait should provide facilities in two shifts (2) such facilities should be provided from multiple location in Kuwait.
The Government of India did sub contract with selected/preferred agencies, as a result such agencies making Money in the name of business! That was never insisted by Indians in Kuwait!
Instead of providing facilities and relaxations, those agencies are engaged in making money, they charge comparatively huge amount for photocopy, photo graphs, printing. Etc. and, they are trying various tricks to take money from the Citizens of India in Kuwait.

We are here in Kuwait not to be cheated by such agencies in the shadow of India embassy, we came here because our country is incapable to provide proper employment in India.

-We, True Indians. We think good for India.

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