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KSE membership
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Dear Viewers,

When i completed BE (2009- 2013 Batch) that time my college was not approved

Civil Id Issue
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My name in passport is SINDHU TINA VARGHESE.
after renewal of residence, my civil ID is printed

Driving License Renewal
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Dear IIK-ians,
I am posting this topic to clarify my doubts in related to renewal of driving lic

Renewal of #22 Residency for daughter
20 replies

This was at Farwaniya, today.

Had no problems to renew the #22 residence for daughter for 2

Need suggestion for best perfume available in Kuwait
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Dear IIK Friends,

Please suggest some best perfumes
1.For daily use good smell and lon

Dish TV recharge
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I came across this site for Dish TV recharge

Suspense Movies list
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Dear Readers,
Hope all of you are fine. Kuwait is burning with hot and over that Dust storms. It

Twitter account

Posted by shafi kuwait on 7/24/2019 9:17:07 am

how can i change my name in twitter account i mean @********, i need to change this. how can i?
pls help me

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Claiming the electricity meter''s insurance money (Tamin in Arabic) in Kuwait

Posted by sudhindra tiwari on 7/24/2019 9:04:56 am

in order to claim the kwd 125 electric meter insurance deposit here is a step-by-step process:
1. take a photograph of the meter clearly showing the last reading and meter number.
2. go to the nearest electricity office and inform the person (usually a bangladeshi national) you want to cancel your connection.
3. settle your final electricity bill, which will be based on the above reading.
4. get the final settlement / no-dues certificate from the same office, duly signed and stamped by the manager.
5. for residents in abu-halifa, the above formalities are done in the office near abu halifa cooperative store (jamaiyya).
6. get a stamped copy of the iban number from your bank. the kwd 125 can only be returned to your bank account.
7. proceed to the office of ministry of electricity and water situated near paci office in hawalli governorate:
8. you can walk to the above office from a free parking situated here:
9. at the main gate of the office show your intention to receive an entry card by depositing your civil id. they will guide you saying “first left then right…” - does not help much.
10. once you follow the route you will find bangladeshi nationals in white shirt and black pants, you can trust them. one of them will check your paperwork and accompany you to get the signature of the concerned official. this can take some time.
11. after this signature he will take you to another office where you take the papers to a desk. the person will note down your mobile number and give you a small slip / receipt which looks like this (sorry i could not paste the image in this window).
12. keep the slip for your records.
13. you are done, pay say kwd 1 or 2 to the bangladeshi national. he is waiting outside.
14. do not forget to take your civil id at the main entrance.
15. the insurance money will be deposited in your account within 4-6 weeks.
good luck!

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Merging civil ID number with old one

Posted by indian on 7/24/2019 8:15:02 am

i would like to know the procedure to merge my civil id with old civil id to get old civil id number. anyone did this?

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Kuwait Residency Visa For Wife and Kids Procedures

Posted by sinoj ravindran on 7/23/2019 4:50:58 pm

with these two set of forms and original marriage, birth certificate and affidavit enter jawasath office, go to first floor, from landing turn left then right then first right enter to the visa services section. straight you will see the token machine, press and collect a token number and wait in the chair for your turn to show up token no. on the screen.
once your token is shown, go to that counter and hand over them the two set of forms.
they will check every paper. later will ask for the original marriage, birth and affidavit attested.

if all paper found ok they might ask you to wait in the chair.
once names and details entered to the system, they will call you and ask you to bring 3kd stamp two numbers to stick on the two visa, for wife and kid.
find on the floor or ground floor any machine for stamp, press on 3kd stamp, quantity make 2 and enter dinar. better keep change of 5kd and 1kd. enter first 5kd then 1kd, stamp will come.
take the stamp to the visa counter, they will stick it to the back of original visa and ask you to go to the nearby manager’s office get it sign and stamped.

after getting sign and stamp, come back to the counter, they will sign and stamp again on the visa.
they will give you visa and your original marriage, birth and affidavit back.
you are done...!!

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Kuwait Residency Visa For Wife and Kids Procedures

Posted by sinoj ravindran on 7/23/2019 4:50:26 pm

take the affidavit to the subhan minsitry of foreign affairs, take a 5kd stamp form the automatic machine, keep it with you.
(my javasath is in micherif, hence i go to subhan for stamping as micherif is near from subhan.)
take token and wait for that no to show up in the board.
once your turn, give them the affidavit and stamp. they will stick it to the back side of affidavit paper and sign-stamp it.
go to micherif jawasath office. (if you completed all above stages before 11am)
there you will find temporary trucks setup as typing offices.
tell them for the residency visa form typing for wife and kid, mention it is not for visit visa but permanent residency.
give the documents as they ask.
verify name spelling and passport no in the form they typed for your wife and kid.
attach with this form, your passport copy, wife passport copy, marriage certificate, work permit copy, a copy of affidavit attested.
for kid, attach your passport copy, kid’s passport copy, work permit, a copy of attested affidavit, kid birth certificates.

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Kuwait Residency Visa For Wife and Kids Procedures

Posted by sinoj ravindran on 7/23/2019 4:48:38 pm

documents in kuwait
1. prepare affidavit form from of wife and children from any typing centre. they charge 2 kd.
(while typing affidavit in the typing centre make sure the spelling of names and passport number is fine)
2. with that form attach, your passport copy, civil id copy, wife and kid passport copy, marriage certificate and kids birth certificate.
3. early morning 6.30 reach indian embassy, stand in the line.

8 o clock they will open office and allow you to enter inside office. show the affidavit form on the left counter they will give you a token number.
move on to the right-side counter and wait for your turn, and once your token no shows up, give in the counter your documents. attestation fees is 7kd.
don''t forget to keep a photocopy of front page of affidavit along with that. (i forgot and they asked me to take photocopy which facility available nearby)

they will give you a slip write down the time which you can collect your attested affidavit, normally one hour later.
once your time is up, they will bring the documents and call names, collect yours.

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Kuwait Residency Visa For Wife and Kids Procedures

Posted by sinoj ravindran on 7/23/2019 4:47:19 pm

i took residency visa for my wife and six month old kid yesterday ( 23rd july 2019).
i liked to share the procedures if it would help the needy ones.. it is not possible to post more than 2000 words at a time, so will be doing it part by part.
documents to be attested in india
1. marriage certificate attested from kuwait embassy in india
2. child birth certificate attested from kuwait embassy in india
(this takes 30-45 days. i did it from akbar travels. they charged me 4000 rs for one certificate.)
send these two original certificates to kuwait

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Name Change - Civil Id

Posted by kk on 7/23/2019 3:36:05 pm

civil id name change procedure :

please visit jawazat (passport office) in mishref with typed application, passport copy + civil id attached. (carry original passport incase they ask, i did).

please take token & go to the "computer section". although there is token for "latin name change" but the officials don''t follow that.

there''s a huge backlog of number system. so it all depends on your luck. if somehow you get your number here or are able to reach the officials at the counter, then they would make a system entry and give you a printout with your correct name, then 90% of your job is done.

take this paper and go to paci. keep a xerox copy with you. take paci envelope, fill out the details (handwritten in english is fine). check option "others" on the envelope & write that you want to change the latin name on the envelope (there''s empty box provided on envelope, to be filled). paste your photos, just to be on safe side, include civil id and passport copy and the jawazat printout. insert envelope in machine and take receipt. check online after 5 days.

i finished my name change finally using above procedure.

for any clarifications, please feel free to ask me.


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Do you need a Loan at 3% rate apply now WhatsApp +918152903749

Posted by plcluis fred on 7/23/2019 3:02:32 pm

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Civil Id Issue

Posted by tincy on 7/23/2019 2:04:16 pm

my name in passport is sindhu tina varghese.
after renewal of residence, my civil id is printed as sindhu t. varghese.

can i travel to india without any issue or do i have to change civil id.

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Transit Visa at Frankfurt Airport

Posted by sudhakar on 7/23/2019 1:39:12 pm

we are going to visit switzerland by lufthansa airlines which is having transit at frankfurt airport .
we have valid schengen visa and transit will be in same frankfurt terminal . we will not go
outside the airport.
do indians need airport transit visa in this case. i don''t thing transit visa is required. please confirm if any one knows.

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KSE membership

Posted by jaslin malar on 7/23/2019 12:39:01 pm

dear viewers,

when i completed be (2009- 2013 batch) that time my college was not approved by nba, but now my college is approved by nba (2018 -2020), shall i get kse member ship, can any one please advice.


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Posted by mathew on 7/23/2019 12:30:05 pm

ear iik friends,
i am planning to invest in direct mutual fund through grow app. anybody know about please let me know your feedback and suggestions. i have completed my 10 years in kuwait so i need to start a monthly investment. please give your suggestions.

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Residence visa for 3 years my child

Posted by bala chowdary on 7/23/2019 11:38:09 am

friend''s i need help for my child residence visa india to kuwait if u knows any vastha please refer me , me and my wife also working here ( kuwait ) both a r 18 number visas and my salary not above 450kd so i can''t taken visa, that''s way i need to vastha if we know any persons please tell me his number i will contact to him

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Residency stamping for son''s dependent visa

Posted by assistance on urgent basis on 7/23/2019 11:17:25 am

my 4yr son will be coming on a dependent visa by tomorrow, hence i need to know the recent stamping process and the required documents. i checked frequently asked topics but the process updated is from 2010. could you please assist on the same. your guidance is highly appreciated. pls do not ignore this topic. thanks in advance.

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Name change in civil ID

Posted by rajan mathews on 7/23/2019 10:02:04 am

last 3 days experience at hawally / misihref pp office to change a name in civil id.

1. get name change form typed from the typing center outside in car park (they will attached pp copy and civil id copy) then go and take number from inside hall (where residency documents are submitted).
2. once number is called (it will take time as many are waiting there) submit the papers and they will give a printout with corrected english name. if the arabic name also need to be changed, process is bit ling. they will inform us that and will advise to go for finger print. if that is the case you have to proceed to ....
3. go to 2nd floor of same building, go straight to support services corridor. there you will go to three rooms for processing. 1st extreme left (in the corridor) last room on left side, then to the other side of corridor 2nd last room, then back the room where you started the process (same corridor), then another room beside there itself. there they will ask for photocopy of 3 pages they made. once you give the copies back to them, they will stamp the papers and will give the set of papers to proceed for finger print which is just opposite to that building (the black building across the ground - gate from right side parking area).
4. there you have to find the way out as there is always a crowd waiting for finger print, all categories. once fingerprint is over, submit the papers back to the same place (computer desk in pp office).
thought of writing this as i rand before it 3 days and found many people running around for these formalities and nobody tells where to go what to do. good luck.

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Dependent Visa 22 Procedure - July 2019

Posted by rohan dsouza on 7/23/2019 9:08:29 am

requirement for dependent visa
1. passport copy both dependent and sponsor
2. copy of sponsor''s civil id
3. sponsor''s salary certificate (iznamel) 450 kd must
4. original passport of sponsor
5. original marriage certificate attested by ministry of external affairs and kuwait embassy in india

1. go to the indian embassy in kuwait and get a relationship affidavit for the marriage certificate.
cost - 1.5 kd for typing and 7 kd for affidavit
2. once you have the affidavit you can go to liberation tower in mugab 2nd floor (ministry of foreign affairs) and take two 5kd stamps. one on the original marriage certificate and other on the affidavit and get it signed
3. go to any authorized translation center (burhan translation) and get visa application form typed as well as translate your marriage certificate to arabic
cost - 1.5 kd for application form and 4 kd for translation
4. go to the jawazat (in my case mishrief) 1st floor take a token number and wait for your turn
keep the below documents ready for submission
a. passport copy of both dependent and sponsor
b. civil id copy and original
c. original marriage certificate
d. translated marriage certificate
e. iznamel copy
f. visa application form

once they verify all documents they will ask you to get a 3kd stamp which they will stick on the backside of the visa and ask you to get sign from mudeer. once you get this sign again you have to go to the same counter and they will give your visa.

thats all

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Driving License Renewal

Posted by thomas on 7/23/2019 7:56:22 am

dear iik-ians,
i am posting this topic to clarify my doubts in related to renewal of driving license.
i am an engineer, who took dl in the year of 2009 & this october 2019 my dl is going to expire.
my queries are;
1. when should i start the process of applying new dl?
2. what are the documents needed?
3. can i do the renewal directly or the company mandoup service required in this case?
4. i am member of kse, any paper from kse required or not?
5. how many days will take for the renewal of dl?

i am awaiting genuine/serious reply from the specialists in iik.
thanks in advance.

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Car A/c Mechanic

Posted by james t on 7/23/2019 7:51:00 am

experienced car a/c mechanic to open camry dash board and check gas leak. @ ahmadi area. please share the workshop details

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Please share your experience for USA visa

Posted by usa visa on 7/23/2019 2:25:06 am

dear iik viewers,
i am planning to apply for usa visa with no travel plans as for now. i have heard that they are giving 10 year of visa. is it true? please let me know if someone has real recently got 10 year visa and share ur experience. how much money is to be shown in yr bank statements? please guide me with the best of the information. thank you so much in advance.

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kuwait airways T4 early checking

Posted by sam on 7/22/2019 11:12:20 pm

good day ,
i am travelling on thursday with my family in kuwait airways, is it possible for me to send my lagguage early than the flying time, can i send my laguggae in t4 early. heard they stopped accpeting lagguage. pls clarify.

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Minimum salary requirement for sponsoring wife and children

Posted by tam on 7/22/2019 7:34:10 pm

if anybody knows, what is minimum salary requires to sponsor wife and children is 450 or 650? please let me know

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Bank account deactivated due to job change

Posted by user on 7/22/2019 6:21:14 pm

dears, i moved to a new job 2 months back. i dont know for some reason the bank has deactivated all my debit and credit cards. when i check with the call center they said its due to job change. i went to the bank branch as well. they said the same. i had to submit my salary paper and other required documents again. how long it will take them to activate my account again? any ideas? thank you.

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Posted by prem chandar on 7/22/2019 5:45:49 pm

folks, require feedback on new gulf indian school and their fee structure. any feedback will be appreciated

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Fingerprint diaster

Posted by qa on 7/22/2019 4:53:49 pm

yesterday went for fingerprint to renew residence. they wrote on my form to come today. i went today the mudeer wrote 28 july sunday. so 8 days just to get fingerprint done then god knows how many days to get result. anyone experienced the same thing recently?

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Abscond (Tagayyub)

Posted by sahil khan on 7/22/2019 1:55:14 pm

my residence is expired since october 2017.
i have absconding for me in manpower authority(shoun) and it gets transferred to ministry of interior in august 2017.
i hired lawyer since september 2017 and my case is still not finalized to remove my abscond status, since 2 years case is in high court and labor court of kuwait. it is still in process of re-appeal.

i am planning to exit from kuwait now . i want to know below 2 points for my safe exit:

( i have immigration violation of 600kd , ready to pay before exiting)

1. during my exit at immigration clearance , will the immigration officer stop me to exit from country or i will be taken to some other section of deportation !!
2. will the immigration officer put ban on my residence or fingerprint to not allow me to enter kuwait or gcc !!

kindly need advice for safe exit from kuwait with no ban or in defaulter list.
kindly need advice to transfer residence(if possible)


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Dish TV recharge

Posted by dish tv query on 7/22/2019 12:21:05 pm


i came across this site for dish tv recharge.
it seems they don''t need any registered mobile number (rmn), just choose package and pay.
i was struggling to recharge during past few months and got it done through some cable agents with extra payment. because i don''t know rmn used for my set up box, just got it through another cable guy.

any idea whether this site is genuine?
kindly respond if you have any idea.

many thanks for reading this.

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Pregnancy File Opening In Sabah

Posted by indian on 7/22/2019 11:43:17 am

need info on opening pregnancy file in sabah hospital/mubarak hospital. is there any time limit, can we open file after 7 months.

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Need suggestion for best perfume available in Kuwait

Posted by perfume on 7/22/2019 11:19:06 am

dear iik friends,

please suggest some best perfumes
1.for daily use good smell and long lasting
2.for special occasion expensive ones

because i have noticed that when i enter some lift or when some people pass by...i get nice smell ...always wondered what these guys use ??

and also tell where i can get them.

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Parents name added in Civil ID

Posted by sb on 7/22/2019 10:33:01 am

please advise the procedure to remove parents name from civil id for elder person (not children). does it require a finger print or it can be done in jawazat or paci online possible. thanks.

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Health Insurance

Posted by som on 7/22/2019 10:16:35 am

while doing the online health insurance for 1 year for my kid , which date should be the from date? will it be the expiry date of the civil id or the day after the expiry date. please can someone advise.

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Online Fraud seller

Posted by indian on 7/22/2019 9:39:34 am

how i can make a complaint against a online seller philipino who promotes and marketting their duplicate stuffs through i order on facebook. i was purchased a samsung galaxy m30 64gb 2gb ram model from them. before purchasing they already agreed that about the ram and internal storage capacity and its still shows on the phone and its cover everything. but while installs applications after 2gb its hanging and saying not enough space. where i can complaint against them is there any consumer courts to stop selling these kind of duplicate stuffs. nowadays its common in kuwait market and some of friends also trapped with same kind stuffs.

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Dependent visa stamping for son

Posted by praveen on 7/22/2019 8:21:53 am

dear iikans,

my 4yr son will be coming on a dependent visa by the 24th hence i need to know the recent stamping process and the required documents. i checked frequently asked topics but the process updated is from 2010. could you please assist on the same. also can anyone help me with the service at tee airport to complete the immigration process. your guidance is highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Loan Banks or Private?

Posted by sms on 7/22/2019 7:39:15 am

planning to take loan, heard about al mulla finance.
would like to know the benefits of taking loan from private finance than the banks.
please suggest which one is better bank or al mulla finance.

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Parent''s visa from Ahmadi

Posted by ritesh sahu on 7/22/2019 7:19:18 am

please advice if anyone recently applied and received parent''s residence / visit visa from ahmadi governorate.
in case of visit visa for how many months?
any salary condition or special request required for 3 month visit visa?
any chance of getting residence visa for 60 years plus.
please advice have to apply for my mother next week.
thanks & regards

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Buying & selling gold in Kuwait

Posted by being human on 7/21/2019 3:41:31 pm

dear readers,

can someone advise me if it is a good idea to buy gold biscuits and sell it later (once leaving kuwait for good or any other emergency) because i checked with joyalukkas and malabar....they will deduct some amount from the actual gold worth as of that it true?

for example: -

i buy 100 gms biscuit (24ct.) for 1300 kd + 25 kd certification

how much i will get when i sell the same biscuit at same rate?

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Driving from Kuwait to Dubai in own car

Posted by said rafeeq on 7/21/2019 3:19:32 pm

expert advice needed...

is it possible to drive from kuwait to dubai in our own car ?
what are the documents required ?
do i need to get any clearance for my car to take this trip ?

request advice from those who have taken this route.

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Name Change in passport

Posted by sneh on 7/21/2019 2:53:28 pm

there was a change in my child''s passport where his name and surname got interchanged. the passport is rectified , can someone please advise how to make the changes in his name in the iqqma ? thank you.

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Car Indicators

Posted by varghese on 7/21/2019 2:25:05 pm

today morning my car indicators were working fine but i realized mid way that it is not working -the right and left indicator . no sound. can someone tell me what could be the problem ?

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joining Gym

Posted by stephen on 7/21/2019 12:13:24 pm

if i join gym, in how many days i can get six pack or atleast a well shaped body. i am 30 years old. i have normal weight

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Car Impound Nightmare

Posted by driver on 7/21/2019 11:53:37 am

well this nightmare became my reality.

car impounded from hawalli and taken to jahra because i was sitting inside car and parked besides the road ( internal roads ) to buy sandwhich on a saturday morning. he came and took everyone''s car in the line and asked to follow to hawalli park to load onto the trailer truck. fine in system ''disruption of traffic on public highways'' 20kd penality with 2 points lol.

procedure to collect car is same as previously posted by iik user in 2018. i took my mandoup and went but i noticed advanced arabic is not required if your issue is simple.

just to advise you''ll to be careful in hawalli ( beirut st, tunis st ) there is this person in dodge charger taking car for small reason.

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Wrong nationality

Posted by qa on 7/21/2019 11:19:21 am

anyone knows how to change nationality? i have renewed the residence of my child and as per new paper given the jawazat changed my child''s nationality to bhutan!! i have not yet requested for new civil id thinking i can do it through paci website but not sure. anyone knows what is the procedure? do i have to do it from jawazat or through paci? please help

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No visa on Passport - New Procedure - Any Travel Issue

Posted by samv on 7/21/2019 9:16:07 am

hi, recently i have renewed visa for my kid. there was no visa stamped or any seal, stamp affixed on the passport by the moi. (nothing done on the passport). civil id received as per the name in passport.
please let me know if there is any issues for travelling. travelling by next week

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New Education Policy Draft- Does NBA mandatory??????

Posted by jks on 7/21/2019 8:28:01 am

nba made mandatory in new education policy draft???. anybody has an idea about it?.

or any new rules amended to stream line single accreditation body for all indian engineering institutions/courses.

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Suspense Movies list

Posted by joseph on 7/21/2019 8:07:12 am

dear readers,
hope all of you are fine. kuwait is burning with hot and over that dust storms. it is usual summer time and most of the families is in india with men as forced bachelors. i happen to be one of them until 30th september.

after work when we reach home most of us have the meals from restaurants and some of us cook. maximum we take 1 hour. then we are enough time.. i love to watch movies and specially a great fan of “ suspense thriller movies “. specially the who’s done it genre movies.

i mean a person is murdered and truth to find who killed the person type of movies.

if any my readers are such movie fans i would appreciate if you can share the name of such movies. but i would prefer the movies released in the last 5 years. i understand malayalam, tamil, hindi and english. so any movies of these languages will be fine for me.
in case the movie is available only in a particular website kindly send the links also.

if some family is looking for a good family friend or a brother and if you want to invite me for a lunch or a dinner and being a foodie i would appreciate that also.

i will really appreciate your kind help. god bless you all. keep smiling !!!

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Child Passport Renewal

Posted by suresh on 7/21/2019 7:34:04 am

hello friends,
my daughter was born here in kuwait and i got her passport in june 2015.. it was for 5 years validity.. its expiring next june.. and my family''s residency is expiring this december.. i heard that, for visa renewal, passports shud have atleast 6 months validity left.. in that case, i think that it wud be better if i renew my child''s passport before december and go for residency renewal, or can i wait till next march / april ?

can anyone suggest what wud be the better way.. thank you..

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Parents visa procedure and requirements for July 2019

Posted by george on 7/21/2019 2:57:10 am

is there any age restriction for the parents to bring them on visit visa.

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online remittance querry account name mistake

Posted by shaikh on 7/20/2019 10:41:13 pm

dear iik friends,
money sent through online remittance , but actually account is for family and account number is correct , mistakenly my name ( sender''s name showing in beneficiary) .will money reach the same account or any problem? anyone has such experience b4, please advise .

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Travel Query

Posted by nagesh on 7/20/2019 9:13:03 pm

dear indians,

can we carry dates and chocolates packet in the hand carry baggage while travelling from kuwait
or it should be in the normal baggage.
please confirm
thank you,

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Tourist Visa for EUROPE

Posted by mohamed yousuf on 7/20/2019 12:00:55 pm

hi iik viewers:

im holding article 20 visa but alhamdulillah working in good company with good salary, now i trying visit visa to newzealand or australia. i can submit required docs.(bank statement).
i just want know.. is this possible to apply without my sponcer.
if anyone knows regarding this.. pls let us know here

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You need to login, if you are not already logged into IIK. If you are not yet a member, you can register here.
How to read and reply an existing topic?
You can view an existing discussion by clicking on that topic title. When you are in a discussion, you can share you reviews and opinions by clicking on the REPLY button on that page.